With an upcoming birthday, hey 41! I am the most comfortable I’ve ever been when it comes to myself. 


I’m not speaking of my corporate career or even the voice I have here online.


I’m talking about the person that I am alone. When my husband is at work on 2nd shift. After I come home from my corporate job, kick off my heels, remove the make up and change into my favorite attire, athleisure wear. 

The comfort doesn’t come from clothes. Its the daily exercise of self- compassion.

I can’t imagine waiting for one day out of seven to check in with myself. Girl, I would be a mess! A hot mess! Which is exactly what I was in my 20’s- early 30’s. I’m talking full on melt downs. I did these in private of course. No one knew I was having pity parties, a lot. After all pity parties are for a table of one. Right?


I had thrown what would be my last pity party. I learned Self-Compassion, no one taught it to me. We can call it Universal Intelligence, higher frequency, or God’s voice reminding me to be kinder to myself. A key note I always remember, I made it through the last lesson, I’ll make it through this one.


Self-Compassion isn’t about being super nice to yourself and acting like everything is all good. Even when its not. Its about checking in. Taking your mental temperature and if you’re running hot. Saying okay girl blank happened. Live in the moment for a moment. Feel all the feels. From there I either give myself a tough love talk. Or a love talk.

I challenge you to show yourself more compassion. Change the language you speak to yourself. Allow yourself space. Most importantly, check in with you.



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