Check out my list of vegan cookbooks worth buying, today!


I’m pretty sure my grandmother passed the tradition of using cookbooks on to me. I remember spending hours looking at the pictures of the food with my cousins playing, “I want that, or That’s mine” while trying to be the first to point at the yummy dishes!


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Cookbooks are tools just like pots and pans. You get all kinds of fresh ideas for flavor profiles and step-by-step recipes. To be transparent, I don’t always go exactly by the recipe well unless its for baked goods like cake or cookies. There’s a science to baking that I don’t want to leave to chance.


Lately, I’ve noticed my cookbook collection has been collecting dust on my book shelf instead of being used as the helpful guides they were intended to be used for. So I decided to put them to use and to share some of my favorite cookbooks that I already own and few I plan on purchasing in the very near future.



Author, Bryant Terry shares his remix on ‘Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean and Southern flavors’. Terry, brilliantly showcases his soulful style of cooking in each dish.

My favorite is the Savory grits with slow-cooked collards. I love me some collards and he does them right!

Don’t sleep on the the fact that you get a music track to help you get into the groove of cooking in the kitchen with this cookbook. Now that’s level 5 cooking!



If, I have a recipe for that, was a book… this is that cookbook. Lindsay S. Nixon, is that friend that has a recipe for both the newbie and OG vegan.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, fat-free, soy-free, even no cooking required recipes this cookbook is all around and super handy. I have been known to pull this cookbook out to make Meatless Monday recipes to woo my at the time meat-eating husband to transition over to be completely meatless.



This is cookbook is a little more labor intensive than the others I have but don’t let that discourage you from trying as many of the recipes in this cookbook as you can.

Two of my favorite dishes are the Polenta with Roasted Plums and the Bell Pepper and Spinach Stromboli.

First of all, I never had roasted fruit. Aine Carlin, knew exactly what she was doing when she crafted this recipe using roasted plums. Sweet and tangy plums with the creaminess of the polenta, yes please!

As far as the Stromboli goes… two words, make it. Its that simple.



When I first came into this lifestyle watching Jenne’ Claiborne on YouTube was a saving grace. Her warm personality and flare for giving some of the best advice and soulful recipes were just what I needed to keep me on my path. She was also the inspiration for me to help others stay the course in this lifestyle. Get over 100 recipes from her arsenal of recipes whether you’re a beginner or a vet.



They say the US and the UK have different tastes in food. Well if that’s the case vegan food is the unifying factor. Rachel Ama holds nothing back when it comes to her recipes. I have watched her emerge from the YouTube streets and give us music, whole plant based food, and a larger than life personality! Her cookbook is all about Plant based vegan recipes for everyday. I am here for it!


With these cookbooks I hope you all arm yourselves with many recipes to share with family and friends for many years to come. I know I am! If you buy these cookbooks be sure to tag (or shout out) the authors so they can see their hard work is appreciated.






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