Summer is coming to a close, Fall is quickly approaching.


Here are 5 budget friendly ideas to take your home decor from Summer to Fall.


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In May we moved to our new apartment and have since bought a few pieces. With the changing season we want to add decor that will have a “Fall feel” now that the season is here.


Plants- Bring in a little bit of nature. Soon the leaves will be falling and the trees outside will be bare.

By adding a few easy to care for plants like Pothos and ZZ plants you can take a space from a 2 to a 10.

Use your plants as decor by adding baskets, macrame hangers, and ceramic planters to elevate your space. From beginner to pro there’s a plant waiting to call your space home.


Lighting–  Color temperature of lights are just as important as style. Too cool and your walls will look blue, for a more natural glow go for warmer bulbs.

I’m digging wicker and pendant lights for the living room and dining rooms. For the bedroom sconce lamps are a nice modern touch. And in the kitchen dimmable LED touch lights are perfect!


Wallpaper– Now before you say you live in an apartment. They now sell peel and stick wallpaper and all I can say is I’m here for it!

With peel and stick wallpaper you can easily switch out your look to change with your mood. Tip: I’d start with one accent wall to really make a statement.



Change of Color– Changing colors doesn’t mean to get a whole new sofa (unless you were just looking for an excuse). If that’s the case do you boo!

In keeping it budget friendly swap out your throw pillows for some new ones. We can even make it extremely thrifty and DIY the current throw pillows with new fabric.


Accents- This category is very broad. But stick with me here. Adding new bedding can be a great way to punch up bedroom decor. I love all white linens with a pop of color from throw blankets. Throw blankets can be another great addition to the living room area. Changing the throw blankets on an older couch with a few new pillows will make the couch look like new. Some other accents can be pictures ( I love a nice gallery wall), books, candles, and even crystal geodes.

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With the semi-recent move I am slowly making our space the home we don’t want to escape from. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see decor updates in real time. Hopefully these tips will have you coming up with ideas for your own homes to add some Fall flare.



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